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Manage your profile

After signing in to your account, select Edit Profile from the top navigation and update the section you want to make changes. Then click Save Changes.

Change your password

After signing in to your account, select Edit Profile from the top navigation. In the password section, type in your new Password and retype it again to confirm it. Then click Save Changes.


Leave a review

After signing in to your account, select My Reviews from the top navigation. Each vendor you have booked an event with will be listed here. Click on the arrow next to the vendor to expand the review details. Add your ratings and any additional comments and click Submit to submit your review.

Edit a review

Reviews cannot be edited once they are submitted.

Disputed reviews

Vendors may dispute reviews if they feel the reviews were given to lower their credibility. Vendors will need to contact Picabash in writing to dispute a review and cannot directly edit reviews that were submitted. If a vendor disputes a review we may contact you to verify the details and reach a resolution. For more details see our Terms.

Unsubscribe from Picabash emails

After signing in to your account, Select Edit Profile from the top navigation. Uncheck the box for any emails you no longer wish to subscribe to. You may also change your email frequency by selecting your desired frequency from the drop-down menu.


There are three ways to start planning your event:
  • 1. From the home page select Start Planning from the top navigation menu.

  • 2. Enter your event details into the search fields on the home page.

  • 3. Browse by Event Type on the home page.

Once you enter the planning page you can add additional details to refine your search.

When you have found a vendor you’d like to book for your event click on the Contact Vendor button to send a booking request to the vendor. Your event details will be transferred to the vendor who will confirm their availability for your event within 24 hours. If they are not available for your selected date and time they may provide you with an alternative option.


Save a Vendor to your Favorites

Click on the Favorite button next to the heart icon on the vendor detail page to save them to your favorites.

View and Edit your Favorites

After signing in to your account, select My Vendors from the top navigation to view a list of your favorite vendors. Click on the View Details to view vendor details.

To remove a vendor from your favorites, click on the check box next to the vendor that you want to remove and click the Remove Vendor button. To re-add the vendor to My Favorite Vendors page, find the vendor profile and click on the Favorites button.


Add or Delete Reminders

After signing in to your account, select My Reminders from the top navigation to view a list of your reminders.

Add – click on the Add More Reminder button and it will bring you to the page where you can input the details of your reminder.

Delete – if the reminder frequency was set up as a one-time event, the event reminder will only be sent once.


Contact the vendor directly to pay the deposit for your event. Provide the reference code you received in your confirmation email when you make your deposit.

What is Picabash?

Picabash is website designed to connect individuals planning an event with trusted local vendors who can meet their needs. We’ve done this by partnering with small local businesses and creating a directory which users can search to find the results that are relevant and personalized to them. We also help with the reservation process by contacting the vendor and confirming their availability for your event.

What does it cost?

Nothing! Picabash is free for you to use. In fact, because of the relationships we’ve built with our vendors we can even save you money through deals that are offered exclusively to Picabash members.

I like saving money, can you tell me more about these Picabash deals?

When we partner with a vendor we work with them to provide a deal exclusive to Picabash members as a benefit to them for booking through the site. These deals will vary by vendor and are either a specific dollar or percentage discount off of a particular service or package. You can see what deals a vendor is offering directly on their vendor profile page.

Once you finalize your reservation you’ll receive a unique reference code which you’ll provide to the vendor when making your deposit. This is how they’ll confirm you’ve booked a reservation through our site.

How long does it take for a vendor to confirm their availability?

We have asked our vendors to confirm their availability within 24 hours of submitting your booking request. Please contact us if you haven’t received your confirmation within 24 hours.

Why do I have to contact the vendor directly to pay the deposit?

Due to the complexity and the variety of vendors we partner with we have chosen to not handle payment transactions at this time. As our business grows this is a functionality we may add in the future.

What if I don’t confirm my booking in 24 hours?

Some of our vendors can book up fast. To ensure they have the most up-to-date information for their clients we have asked Picabash users to finalize their reservation within 24 hours of receiving their confirmation from the vendor. Per our Terms, bookings not finalized within 24 hours cannot be guaranteed. If you did not finalize your booking within 24 hours, please contact the vendor directly to confirm your reservation is still available.

How do I change or cancel my booking?

Please contact the vendor directly to change or cancel your booking. See our Terms for our Site Reservation & Refund policy.

I know a great local business but they’re not listed on Picabash, is there a way to get them added to the directory?

We love vendor suggestions! If there is a business you’d like to see listed on Picabash click here to tell us about them. Be sure to include their name and any contact information you may have. Also, let us know why you think they would be great for our site. Then we’ll reach out to them to discuss the opportunity to partner with us.